I am using version 1 of this project here: https://bitbucket.org/hsharma35/dnnweaver.public/overview


I installed all the same versions of Vivado and petalinux as that guide, 2016.2.


git clone https://bitbucket.org/hsharma35/dnnweaver.public.git


TCL Script

I am using a Zedboard. To add support for this to the tcl script, I modified the fpga/tcl/vivado_2016.2.tcl on line 69. Below shows the diff.

-set_property "board_part" "xilinx.com:zc702:part0:1.2" $obj
+set_property "board_part" "em.avnet.com:zed:part0:1.3" $obj


For unknown reasons, I get an erorr complaining about a ROM_ADDR_W param whenever I try to make the project. To overcome this, I had to explicitly add this parameter to the /fpga/hardware/source/dnn_accelerator/dnn_accelerator.v file. I made the following addition at line 22.

parameter integer ROM_ADDR_W = 3,

Downgrade Libssl

I was getting an error when I’d run petalinux-build. The error is discussed here: https://forums.xilinx.com/t5/Embedded-Linux/U-Boot-compile-error-dereferencing-pointer/td-p/794782 To fix this, I had to downgrade libssl.

sudo apt install libssl1.0-dev

Compile the project

Make the Petalinux project

In the synthesis-output directory, create the project.

petalinux-create -t project --template zynq --name petalinux_project

This will create a new directory called petalinux_project.

Configure the petalinux

cd into the petalinux_project. Run this to configure it by pointing it to the synthesis-output directory where the hdf for the project should be.

petalinux-config --get-hw-description=".." 

When the config window popped up, I just saved it. This leaves everything as the default which idk if that’s ok or not.


Run petalinux-build.

My console output is shown below:

chance@chance-XPS13-9333:~/Desktop/dnnweaver.public/fpga/synthesis-output/petalinux_project$ petalinux-build 
INFO: Checking component...
INFO: Generating make files and build linux
INFO: Generating make files for the subcomponents of linux
INFO: Building linux
[INFO ] pre-build linux/rootfs/fwupgrade
[INFO ] pre-build linux/rootfs/peekpoke
[INFO ] build linux/kernel
[INFO ] generate linux/u-boot configuration files
[INFO ] update linux/u-boot source
[INFO ] build linux/u-boot
[INFO ] build zynq_fsbl
[INFO ] building /home/chance/Desktop/dnnweaver.public/fpga/synthesis-output/petalinux_project/build/linux/rootfs/packages-repo/pkgs_sysroot_list
[INFO ] do_gen_sysroot
[INFO ] build linux/rootfs/fwupgrade
[INFO ] build linux/rootfs/peekpoke
[INFO ] build kernel in-tree modules
[INFO ] modules linux/kernel
[INFO ] post-build linux/rootfs/fwupgrade
[INFO ] post-build linux/rootfs/peekpoke
[INFO ] pre-install linux/rootfs/fwupgrade
[INFO ] pre-install linux/rootfs/peekpoke
[INFO ] install device trees
[INFO ] install linux/kernel
[INFO ] generate linux/u-boot configuration files
[INFO ] update linux/u-boot source
[INFO ] build linux/u-boot
[INFO ] install linux/u-boot
[INFO ] do_gen_baserootfs
[INFO ] install sys_init
[INFO ] install linux/rootfs/fwupgrade
[INFO ] install linux/rootfs/peekpoke
[INFO ] install kernel in-tree modules
[INFO ] modules_install linux/kernel
[INFO ] post-install linux/rootfs/fwupgrade
[INFO ] post-install linux/rootfs/peekpoke
[INFO ] package rootfs.cpio to /home/chance/Desktop/dnnweaver.public/fpga/synthesis-output/petalinux_project/images/linux
[INFO ] Update and install vmlinux image
[INFO ] vmlinux linux/kernel
[INFO ] install linux/kernel
[INFO ] package zImage
[INFO ] zImage linux/kernel
[INFO ] install linux/kernel
[INFO ] Package HDF bitstream
[INFO ] Failed to copy images to TFTPBOOT /tftpboot