Chance Tarver ☕️

Chance Tarver

Staff Research Engineer for Wireless Systems

Samsung Research America

I am a DSP systems engineer with Samsung Research America. I completed my PhD at Rice University with Dr. Joseph Cavallaro. Please read the Start Here page for more info!!



Able to implement custom, complex signal processing tasks such as predistorters.


Codes daily in Matlab, Python, C++, or CUDA with a belief in well documented and version controlled code.

Wireless Systems

Background in PHY and MAC systems for 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, etc.


Samsung Research America
Staff Systems Design/Architecture Engineer
March 2023 – Present Plano, Texas

Project 1: Upper Mid-band Hybrid Massive MIMO Platform

  • Leading development of RF PoC.
  • Developed link-level simulator for rapid prototyping of related activities.
Samsung Research America
Senior Systems Design/Architecture Engineer
January 2020 – March 2023 Plano, Texas

Project 1. Sub-band Full Duplex

  • Developed digital self-interference suppression algorithm to reduce self-interference in massive MIMO.
  • Developed massive MIMO digital predistortion system to further reduce self-interference and meet emission requirements in 5G systems.
  • Implemented the above in a modular software platform to allow for agile development and rapid prototyping and integrated into real-time, FPGA, RF platform for field evaluation of performance.

Project 2. Satellite Communications System

  • Developed modifications to RACH/HARQ procedures and implemented changes in srsLTE C++ to support long latency satellite links.
  • Created a chat client demo suite for the project using React JS consisting of push-to-talk, instant messaging, and image transfer.
  • Completed a real-time demo of the above using USRPs and satellite channel emulator.

Project 3. Distributed MIMO

  • Developed software systems to interface with custom FPGA SDR platform.
  • Led field testing of the platform to study distributed MIMO channels and reciprocity calibration concerns.

Recent Posts


GPU-based LDPC
By developing custom CUDA, we developed high performance LDPC decoders for 5G NR. This effort demonstrates the feasibility of software-defined PHY processing for applications such as an ORAN DU.
GPU-based LDPC
Non-Terrestrial NR
In this project, Matthew Tonnemacher and I worked to implement changes to 4G in srsLTE to support the long latency in a satellite link. I implemented a chat application using React to demo our system with USRPs and a satellite channel emulator.
Non-Terrestrial NR
In this project, we aimmed to improve spectrum coexistence using machine learning for applications such as CBRS.
SubBand DPD
In this project, we aimed to correct the nonlinearities in a subband. This may be useful in scenarios with carrier aggregation and can allow for DPD with a reduced sampling rate when compared to the usual 3-5x upsampling requirement.
SubBand DPD
Virtual DPD aims to reduce the complexity of DPD in multi antenna systems.
XDD: Cross Division Duplexing
With XDD, we aim to improve system coverage and flexibility by allowing for sub-band full duplex. We implemented self-interference canncelation (SIC) to be able to cancel out the downlink interference so that a low SNR uplink could be recieved over more time slots then it would normally transmit.

Recent Publications

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(2023). Equalizer Digital Self Interference Cancelation for Hybrid MIMO Transmitters.

PDF Cite Project

(2023). Global Equalizer Self-Interference Cancelation for Hybrid MIMO Systems.

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(2022). Equalizer digital self-interference cancelation for MIMO transmitters.

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(2022). Hybrid GMP/Equalizer Digital Self Interference Cancelation for MIMO Transmitters.

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