Recent Publications

. Digital Predistortion with Low-precision ADCs. In ACSSC, 2018.

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. Parallel Digital Predistortion Design on Mobile GPU and Embedded Multicore CPU for Mobile Transmitters. In JSPS, 2017.


. Low-Complexity, Sub-Band DPD with Sequential Learning: Novel Algorithms and WARPLab Implementation. In SiPS, 2016.


. Low-Complexity Subband Digital Predistortion for Spurious Emission Suppression in Noncontiguous Spectrum Access. In TMTT, 2016.


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Industry Expierence

  • Samsung Research America, Dallas, TX, Standards and Mobility Inovvation Lab, RF and PoC Team. May 2017 – Dec 2017.

  • Lockheed Martin, Hanover, MD, May 2016 – Aug 2016.


While at Rice, I helped develop a new curriculum for the ELEC 220, Fundamentals of Computer Architecture course. We focused on making a course that would enforce learning through hands on activities in a lab environment. Check out this link for more info.